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Reed Insurance Group LLC DBA Dr. Fitzgerald Reed has the academic theory coupled with a diverse breadth of leadership experience to align with globally oriented leaders with the collaborative development and innovative strategic direction that is broad in scope, comprehensive in time, and welcoming of strategic change. Our goal is to be a valued partner to leaders and an asset to our communities. We provide strategic initiatives, strategic transformation, and leadership/organization development.


What we visualize our goal !

To equip local and global organizations with the tools, technologies, and understanding to flourish in developing and implementing strategic leadership.

Vender Profile

UEI : VXF1U2H92R43
CAGE : 9LE99
PRIMARY NAICS : 611430 – Professional & Management Developement Training
SECONDARY NAICS : 524114 , 524126, 524210, 531210, 531311, 531312, 531390


What we are capable of to provide the best !

Regent University School of Business and Leadership gave Dr. Fitzgerald Reed the theory and practical components necessary to facilitate organizational success. Dr. Fitzgerald Reed holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership specializing in leadership, communication, team building, innovation, and strategic initiatives. Additionally, combined with real-world experience, Dr. Fitzgerald Reed has training in strategic foresight, consulting, executive coaching, and
servant leadership.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion training
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Strategic transformation
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Work Shops
  • Curriculum Development

Dr. Fitzgerald holds a doctorate in strategic leadership, an MA in leadership, and a BA in Business administration. He is licensed as a Real Estate Broker and Insurance Agent in Georgia. Dr.Fitzgerald Reed has a strong background in management, real estate, insurance, and customer service, as a pastor, professor, and author.


What we did for others to achieve the best

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